About Me

For 35 years I have been working on restoring surfaces. Whether the intarsia of a baroque chest of drawers or the surface of a pleasure boat, just to undo it, I see as my vocation.

Born 29.01.1964 in Erfurt

1980 - 1982 apprenticeship in carpentry

1983 - 1988 worked at the Weimar conservation center

1989 - 1992 independent furniture restorer in Bamberg

1992 - 2003 Retail sale of Italian and Spanish period furniture

2003 - 2017 Special renovation of doors and windows after burglary

since 2017 Surface repair to facilities, yachts, real estate

Restoring surfaces - Ralf Plotzki

Residue-free repair of surfaces made of wood, plastic, stone, ceramics, metal and glass.


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