Residue-free repair of surfaces made of wood, plastic, stone, ceramics, metal and glass.

I have been working on the restoration of surfaces for 35 years. This includes in particular the removal of damage to wood, plastic, stone, ceramics, aluminium, metal and glass. I use all available possibilities and techniques, both the traditional and the innovative. Damage happens everywhere, corners break off, dents and holes are caused by falling objects, scratches by sharp-edged materials, water stains, burns, irregularities, etc.

Such damage, which look especially ugly on high-quality surfaces, is irritating and value-reducing. Aside from accepting the damage, carrying out complete or partial renewals or accepting painful price reductions on sale, at first it seems as if there are no other alternatives to consider. Another often unknown solution to the problem is professional repair of the damage. Most of them think in terms of "patching up" or "re-coating" and expect to still be able to see something of the mishap afterwards. But top-class surface renovations have completely invisible results, can be carried out during ongoing business operations and within a short time.

Damaged areas are unique and must be treated as such.

To evaluate the damage you can send me photos with a short description by e-mail. Often, this will be enough information for me to name the possibilities and a price. In the case of extensive or special damage, it is better for me to take a personal look at the damage on site. You can order my services anywhere in the world.

 I would of course be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Best wishes
Ralf Plotzki


Restoring surfaces - Ralf Plotzki

Residue-free repair of surfaces made of wood, plastic, stone, ceramics, metal and glass.


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